Flight Manifests + Tail Numbers

In a world of mandatory reporting, planespotters, and startups like OpenBARR, we can help you minimize your exposure and understand the risks of information loss to you and to your customers.

Customer Data + Operations

How can you ensure that your data, and your customer's data, is transmitted, stored, and utilized properly? Let us help you identify potential areas of risk and work together to mitigate those so that you can ensure your customers and yourself that your data is as safe as your aircraft.

Business Continuity + Disaster Recovery

You know what to do in the event of an emergency in the air, but do you know what to do in the event of a cyber emergency? Let us help you get a clear and accurate accounting of your systems and data, as well as make a plan for when something goes wrong.

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You can send a direct email by clicking here, or by using the Contact page on this site. We're happy to chat, offer a free initial consultation, and work with you to make sure your security dollars are spent on high-impact activities.