I can only say so much. See what others have said about working with me.

I have worked with Colson Research for the past 2 years. Shay Colson and Colson Research is my secret weapon for early stage strategy and advisory. I could not operate my business without him.
— Brett Noyes | Growth Manager @ Launch.co
Shay can see the big picture and the details of secure implementation as sharp as a hawk and explains them clearly and succinctly. We owe our network architecture and crisis scenarios to him.
— Noah Judson | Co-Founder, CoinBeyond
When people are blessed with knowledge on a topic, they often talk more than they listen. Shay Colson is blessed with a extensive wealth of skills and smarts in the data security realm, yet he doesn’t wield his wisdom like a sledgehammer over my head. Very patient and deliberate, I have found him to have taken a genuine interest in my issues with my business, and I have found him to demonstrate a personalized attention to detail that makes the solutions he recommends feel customized just for me and no one else. I am proud to have Shay on my team, and I know he will be an integral part of yours. Give him a call!
— Chris Powell | Owner @ Chris Powell Associates
Shay is an absolute professional. He brings many years of experience and wisdom. Saying that he is extremely thorough - in all that he does - is an understatement. Shay is also one who delivers his work when he says he will - in the six years that I have known him he has never missed a deadline.
— Justin Breese | Account Technology Manager @ Microsoft Corporation
Working with Shay and Colson Research is like having a trusted friend on the job. I understood my security needs, but needed to focus on my business. Shay took care of the rest.
— Eric Hansen | SaaS HR + Financial Integration Consultant
Having worked with Shay in various capacities, particularly in tapping his perspective on a number of business plans and start up ideas, I can attest that he is an outstanding advisor. Among many terrific qualities, three things stand out about Shay:

First, he has a knack for asking the right questions... those that most are afraid to ask, yet imperative to the project at hand. His innate, intense curiosity only further supports this value.

Next, he is an empathetic communicator, which I suppose has lended itself - or perhaps has been honed - from years of classroom teaching experience.

And finally, I know of Shay to be a man of integrity. He values family, friendship, community, and education, and these values permeate though his work.

Combine these tendencies with an admirable work ethic, an impressively logical mind, and an overall good person to know, and I clearly, and highly, recommend Shay.
— Ken Prchal | Technical Integration Manager @ PointInside